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Experience CPA Review in a different dimension

REVIEWER ONLINE (ROL) provides you professional accounting review services unmatched in the whole review industry.

Pioneered by conscientious academicians and experienced training professionals, ROL now offers multimedia and e-learning training services, both in the Self-Learning Modules and Structured Learning Modules. It covers the following areas of knowledge: Accounting, Taxation, Business Law, Financial Management, and Advisory Services.

ROL is especially designed for working and non-working reviewees who wish to take their studies at their own time, pace and space. ROL is also developed for students in aiding their traditional classroom learning activities and to introduce them in review discussions. This is made to meet the expectations of reviewees and students in terms of knowledge, skills and techniques on their review and studies. Reviewer Online also gives a diversified way of reviewing within the comfort and leisure of one’s home, office, or favorite place within the reach of the Internet.

Some of ROL’s featured services are : Lecture Notes, Test Banks, Lecture on Videos, and Comprehensive Priority and Assessment (CPA) Review Guide, and Online Coaching. These are all intended to prepare our invaluable subscribers in becoming a Certified Public Accountants.


              For Working and Non-working Reviewees
:: Complements unique working schedule
:: Controlled learning wherein one can customize his way of learning
:: Cost effective
:: Gives comprehensive, easy to remember lectures and Philippine CPA Board Exam based exercises




              For Students
:: Aids traditional classroom learning
:: Experience a taste of licensure exam review
:: Can acquire more knowledge and skills
:: Exposure to CPA Board Exam based exercises
:: Authors of materials are reputable and expert Reviewers




              For Working Abroad


:: Cost effective
:: User friendly and easy to follow
:: Updated news and information regarding CPA Licensure Exam
:: Possible Philippine CPA License





Reviewee's Coffee Table Book


The terminal edge of preparing for the cpa board examinations
happens in the review. A strategic review program would surely
have an endless impact in one’s final stretch towards
the road leading to a professional life.

At Reviewer-Online, we join you in this enduring journey
not only as a friend who understands how it feels to be
a reviewee and an examinee but also as a provider of the
right service you need in your quest of getting a cpa license.

We enjoin you to understand our review program, its vital
components and effects, and get the most benefit out of it.

We have endeavored to write our salient review philosophies
and processes to impress our readiness in serving you, in
accompanying you to the last phase of preparing for the
board examinations. Let us then converge our efforts to make
your dream, and also our dream, of making you a
certified public accountant.

Good luck to all!


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